SEMPrep 2

SC-2100 SEMPrep for high-quality site-specific sample preparation for SEM application

SEMPrep 2


for high-quality site-specific sample preparation in SEM application

  • Cross-sectional sample preparation by slope cutting in 90°, 45° and 30° by different sample holders
  • Final polishing and cleaning of traditional SEM and EBSD samples
  • Load-lock system for faster and easier sample exchange
  • High-energy ion gun for rapid milling
  • Optional ultra high-energy ion gun specially recommended for ion milling extra hard materials or for extreme fast milling
  • Low-energy ion gun for gentle surface polishing and cleaning
  • Automated parameter settings and operation
  • Sample rotation and oscillation
  • Real-time monitoring of the milling process by high-resolution CMOS camera and TFT monitor


The SEMPrep 2 model is equipped both with high- and low-energy ion sources. Rapid slope cutting with the high-energy ion gun followed by gentle surface cleaning with the low-energy ion gun provides cross-sectional SEM samples suitable for semiconductor failure analysis and other analytical purposes. The system also provides an ion milling based solution for improving and cleaning of mechanically polished SEM samples and preparation of damage-free surfaces for EBSD technique. The new 16 keV ultra-high energy ion source is more powerful and has higher sputtering rate as before.


Ion sources

  • two ion guns:
    • high-energy ion gun operating from up to 10 keV or
    • optionally ultra high-energy ion gun operating up to 16 keV
    • low-energy ion gun in the range of 100 eV to 2 keV
    • continuously and independently adjustable milling energy

Sample stage

  • sample size:
    • slope cutting sample holder (available with 30º, 45º, 90º  tilted platforms)
      • for 30º, 45º holders: max. 20 mm (l) x 16 mm (w) x 7 mm (th)
      • for 90º  holder: max. 20 mm (l) x 16 mm (w) x 5.5 mm (th)
    • sample holder for surface cleaning (EBSD) using 3 different head type:
      • flat head type: max. Ø36 mm x 0-5.5 mm
      • standard type: max. Ø26 mm x 3-14 mm
      • hollow type: max. Ø24 mm x 13-19 mm
  • sample tilting: 0º to 30º in 0.1º increments
  • sample rotation: in-plane rotation, 360º (available only for surface cleaning sample holder)
  • sample oscillation: in-plane oscillation from +10º  to +40º in 10º steps

Sample cooling

  • LN2 cooling for preparing heat sensitive samples - optional
  • Peltier cooling to protect the samples from thermal overrun - optional

Vacuum system

  • oil-free diaphragm and turbomolecular pumps with combined (Pirani/Penning) vacuum gauge

Gas supply system

  • 99.999% purity argon
  • high-precision working gas flow control with motorized needle valve

Imaging system

  • high resolution CMOS camera with manual zoom video lens of 50-400x magnification

Computer control

  • easy-to-use graphical interface,   automated ion source setup, milling parameter setting and operation   control